I'm inevitably going to catch some shit for this, but at this point it's an inevitability: I'm going to have to push the reset date back with more details to be released soon. This came from a number of factors all being difficult at the same time, but primarily from me underestimating my IRL workload and not being able to properly make sure everything was coordinated.

I did promise you a changelog, so here's what it is so far:

Since everyone keeps talking about how they miss the old days, map 5.0 is going to be all about bringing back what we loved about the older maps. Focus will be given to fixing things that need fixing and giving everything a fresh start. Among the things you can expect to see this upcoming map:
  • Faster sell speeds but drastically lower sell prices - this is an experimental move to see if we can keep the economy from being broken so quickly and, perhaps, force farmers to be more efficient
  • 1.7-1.9 compatibility - We're in the beginning phases of testing this already, so please let us know ASAP if you find problems related to using 1.7 and 1.9, but we will be running the server in 1.8
  • KoTH - Yes, we're going to have at least one structure near spawn dedicated to this, and maybe 2 or 3 depending on how things go with the first :)
  • Return of LMS - it has been removed, but we're working on bringing it back.
Might not sound like huge changes, right? But before we start making huge, sweeping changes to the server, I'd like one more map of what makes us uniquely JustPVP. You came to this server and decided to play because of how it was. Everyone has always had their system of making money, and there's always that one player that finds a way to break the economy; there's always the big faction that gets complacent and gets overclaimed; you get the idea.

What's going to be primarily different about this map is that we're not going to try to squeeze water from a stone; when the map has run its course, we'll start working on a new one :)

So yeah, complaints about reset not being on time can be directed at me. It's shitty, I know, but if people are going to point fingers, I'd rather all the fingers point in the same direction than having to start a huge argument that tears the community apart.
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Before I get to the meat of the matter: I've been asked quite a bit why we would not reset the server and THEN open staff applications? Just so you know, this was actually a very deliberate move on my part. With dwindling player numbers in the past few months, I wanted to pull from the ranks of players that have remained loyal to the server even in tough times. It's easy enough to reset the server and then pull from a larger group of applicants, but I wanted to make sure to give priority to those that have come back to play the server time and again regardless of its popularity.

Also, if you applied for staff and were not accepted, do not lose hope. There were about a dozen players that, while they fell slightly short this time around, we would still love to have on the roster and will be watching very closely in the future. There were a few players that I was all but ready to put on the roster, but were defeated by just not enough effort into the application.

If you have not already, please give a warm welcome to the following new staff members:

[Helper] SereneSteel
[Helper] TonkaTruck
[Helper] BattleTags
[Helper] Moodee
[Helper] Stephan
[Helper] Chubska
[Helper] milandegroot

We also welcomed 2 new Moderators to the next level of staff. They both underwent quite a bit of scrutiny in preparation for this promotion, but I am confident that they will serve the community well, and will also serve as the newest mentors to our incoming Helpers.

[Moderator] HEEVES
[Moderator] Oats

Something that nobody saw coming, however, is actually something that I was approached with about a month ago, and it was the easiest decision I've made in my entire tenure. Yet another pillar of the community has relinquished his player status to take his place in a role for which I believe he was born. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating your newest server Administrator:

[Admin] Haven

With the new staff in place and training to become familiar with their new responsibilities, we also have a few staff members leaving our ranks. They have each been wonderful contributors to the community and we appreciate their service.


And, last but not least, the news that everyone has been waiting for. The reset date has been announced as May 27th at 8pm UTC. I will be working on a list of new features and fixes for the upcoming map that will be posted later but, in the meantime, gather your faction and start designing your base!
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Yes, we're actually going to make an event of staff promotions this time around, and I'll try to have a few mini events lined up to commemorate the occasion :)

Staff promotion will be on May 7th at Midnight UTC. Make sure you know what this means in your own timezone, please. You could also check this to see how much time remains http://itsalmo.st/#justpvpstaffpromotions

Applications are presently under review, and I look forward to having some new faces on the roster!
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Well, the thing that people have been asking about most is a reset; trust me, it's in the works, and you will have news soon.

The thing that people have been asking about SECOND most is when staff applications will be open. Well, guess what? THEY ARE! http://www.justpvp.com/apply/

We are, for the next 7 days, accepting applications for the rank of [Helper], and everyone starts there. At the end of the seven days we will start review of the applications, and after about a week of review, new staff will be announced and promoted. The official date and time for new staff promotions will be announced shortly (as I'm incapable of maths right now), and I'd like to have a small event to accompany the promotion ceremony.

In case you're wondering how much time you have left to apply: http://itsalmo.st/#justpvpstaffappsclose

Best of luck to you all; make sure to put your best foot forward in your application!

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Some of you know that I've been in the skunkworks creating a new staff rank, and I had originally planned to release it quite a while in the future, but due to some unforeseen circumstances that started spinning the rumor mill at 65,000rpm, it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

Some of you will remember a while back when the Spectator rank was a thing, but it didn't last long. I decided to resurrect the idea and give it the right powers and limitations to make it as effective as possible.

Congratulations, @Viincee as you are the server's first [Ghost] rank staff member.

The [Ghost] rank is designated specifically as a non-player staff position with permissions very similar to that of a [Helper], except with more tools to be able to track and record hackers including the ability to use specatator mode. As some have just discovered, it has already been delivering results.

Viincee has spent quite a while training for this and helping me debug the new features of the rank, and it's an honor to finally get to release him into the wild.

Take a moment to congratulate and welcome Viincee to his new post; it is hard-earned and well-deserved!
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